Kvann Kompagniet is the result of our ambition to offer cultural authentic herbs, plants and products from Greenland and the entire Arctic.
   In 2008 we realized that Greenland and the Arctic offer a tremendous variety of cultural authentic herbs, plants and products and we decided to make these pristine treasures of nature available throughout Scandinavia and the rest of the world.
   At the same time we wanted to allow isolated communities and places to advertise their unique identity and character through products that are vital to them on a daily basis.  
   Now, after four challenging years, we have made our dream come through and we are pleased to invite you to share Kvann Kompagniet’s vision and open the world of Greenland culture cooking and nature.

Enjoy adjacent history and artic cooking with Mamaq – a culture cookery book.

Sheep Farmer and Angelica-picker from Sillisit, one of our Greenlandic partners.